Road Trip Saturday Part 1B

This is the first installment of the Road trip Saturday blog for the 2017-18 season (even though this actually took place in the summer before the season starts). 

My journey from Maryland back to Indiana continues on day two. I got an early start to the day, and decided to stop by my school’s now former conference rival from the Horizon League Youngstown State University. I wanted to get a look at the Beeghly Center. Once I found the building on campus which was not easy to do I strolled into the arena. At first it felt more like an academic building as there were a number of classrooms off the main lobby. However, I made my way to the court, but the lights were off. It was so dark I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face. I turned my flashlight on to avoid from tripping, but it still didn’t help much with the visibility. I was able to take a stroll from baseline to baseline, and with the help of flash photography get a picture of the big red Y at center court.

Next I made my way across Ohio, and decided to stop at Bowling Green State University home of the Falcons of the MAC. My luck remained a perfect 3/3 on the trip as one of the doors to the Stroh Center was left unlocked. I walked inside and up the stairs. When I got upstairs I was greeted with a beautiful view of a brand new arena. The court was covered over for a summer graduation, but I could still see all the banners, the video board, and all the seats. I stayed around for a little while doing a live periscope broadcast, and walked around the arena. I am glad I had the opportunity to check out these arenas, and cannot wait to go to more in the winter when games are being played.


Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

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