Road trip Saturday Number 4 Chicago State Nov 4

For the first time this season I took a road trip, and it was actually on a Saturday! On November fourth I piled in the car with two of my friends. This was my third straight weekend I traveled somewhere for a game, and it was the third state in that three-week period. Additionally, this game was the third charity exhibition I attended. The game we were going to was Valparaiso at Chicago State, and it was the first time I have seen my school play a road game in person. When we got to the heart of WAC country aka Chicago State I was surprised to see so many cougar fans because in the previous two games I had been to on the south side there were more away fans (Grand Canyon and Utah Valley) than Chicago State. For this game despite Valpo being only an hour away there were about equal if not more Chicago State fans. My friends and I sat directly behind the Valparaiso bench for the 1st half. This was interesting because none of us had ever sat that close to the bench, so it was cool to hear the players and coaches chirping during plays.
It was cool to watch the point guard matchup between two guards who had both declared for the NBA draft, but returned to their respective schools Tevon Walker for Valpo, and Fred Sims JR. for Chicago State. The cougar’s main offensive strategy seemed to be to take Sims and run him through about 2-3 screens then he caught the ball and shot it. This was not a surprise given their lack of talent on the team except him, but he did not have a good shooting day, and Valpo was doing a good job stepping out to cover him. For the second half we decided to change seats to the open courtside seats opposite from the Valparaiso bench. This was an interesting experience because we had never sat courtside at any basketball game before, and you felt like you were right in the action. In the end the game unsurprisingly was a blowout with the crusaders winning 72-44.


Ethan Hennessy

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