Interview with Dustin Kerns Head Coach of Presbyterian

Ethan Hennessy was able to catch up with Dustin Kerns head coach of the Presbyterian Blue Hose after his team beat Chicago State 75-73 in the Battle for Atlantis Mainland Tournament at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.

Ethan: Good win today can you talk about what Ethan Kay meant to you at the end there being able to hit that three and step up and make big plays?
Dustin: Yeah well Ethan really stretches the floor he has a quick release. He is just a lights out shooter, and one thing about him is he’s fearless so if he misses a couple he’s going to keep coming and cranking them out. It was a big time shot for us.
Ethan: What was it like to be able to participate in this battle for Atlantis Tournament and not only be able to come to the mainland event and win a game here, but also be able to go to the other bigger places like Tennessee and experience that for your team.
Dustin: Well it ended up being a good experience for us because we played really well at NC State we were beating them at the half and now getting the win. This is our program’s first win away from home in the nonconference since 2013, so this is a huge step for our program to be able to win away from home in the non-conference, so really proud of our team figured out a way to win and got it done.
Ethan: Just one last one so recently is was announced that USC Upstate and Hampton both joined the Big South. Can you give your thoughts on what both of those new members bring to the conference, and what the Big South will look like going forward?
Dustin: I think it strengthens our league. Hampton is a very good program very good school. They have had traditionally really good basketball. USC Upstate has a very good coach, and they’ve had very good basketball. It makes sense regionally. When you add teams it just strengthens it. When you have more teams you have more opportunities in the non-conference, so I think it’s a very big plus for our conference. I’m excited for it!
Ethan: Thank you very much coach.
Dustin: Thank you

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