John Beilein Interview

These are the questions I asked Michigan head coach John Beilein in the post game press conference following his number 19 wolverines beating the Northwood University Timberwolves in their exhibition 90-58 on Friday November 2nd in Ann Arbor. 

Ethan Hennessy: “Coach Beilein I know tonight’s game was a blowout, but is there anything you want your team to improve on before you play Norfolk State in a game opening night that actually counts for the record?”

John Beilein: “I want to see the video more why there were so many offensive rebounds, and some of them it was just like the ball was funky and going all over the place, but we have to get 50/50’s better. I blame that on myself. Our scout team has not crashed the boards as hard as the Big Ten will, and I have to get them to do that. There are a lot of things we need to clean up. I do like that a three point shooting team only got 13 threes off, and one of their makes was when we went to our bench where our guys are still learning to play. So that would probably be one of the other things the ball stuck several times. That is always going to happen we just have to do it less and less as it goes on.”

EH: “Coach was there any particular reason you scheduled Northwood? You could have scheduled anybody. Do they run sets you like to see?”

JB: “With the exception of bringing Cazzie Russel back, repaying Lemoyne for when they played us, and we had a slippery rock game we’ve stayed in state; we have tried to play a lot of different people. I think the only one we have played twice maybe is Wayne. So we had never played Northwood. A good program . One of my former managers is an assistant up there. They had almost everybody back but one guy, so it just seemed to be a good matchup.”


By: Ethan Hennessy

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