HappeningHoops.com Final CIT Bracketology of 2019-20 Season (Who Would Have Been In)

By: Ethan Hennessy

Hello everybody. If you are reading this you probably already know the NCAA Tournament has been cancelled for the 2020 season. It is disappointing, but a measure that needed to be taken given the severity of the Corona Virus. The CIT Tournament never officially put out a statement canceling their tournament, so I guess I will break the already obvious news that the tournament was cancelled. I feel I owe it to the fans to put up one final bracketology for the season here on HappeningHoops.com. Listed below are the teams that would have gone to the CIT tournament. This is not speculation these teams were participating unless they were to win their conference tournament if it was still in session at the time of the mass cancelations yesterday and today. In the end this is 22 of the 26 teams participating. From having done this now for three years I could have put out educated guesses on the remaining four teams, and perhaps gotten some of them, but I will take a minimum of 22 out of 26 and be pleased with that. I stopped predicting the CBI tournament once it was announced that it would not be played. I believe my final prediction while maybe spot on, maybe not, did contain what would have been the majority of the eventual field of that particular tournament. It is disappointing that these two tournaments, and all other postseason was put to an end, but it was without a doubt the right thing to do. This has certainty been a fun journey predicting the fields of these tournaments, and I am grateful for the amount of support I receive in it. I hope for everyone’s continued safety in the weeks and months moving forward. This is Mr. CBI and Mr. CIT Ethan Hennessy saying farewell to the 2019-20 season!

  • Merrimack (20-11)
  • Youngstown State (18-15 Horizon)
  • Valpo (19-16 MVC) (My School!)
  • Ball State (18-13 MAC)
  • Kansas City (16-14 WAC)
  • Eastern Kentucky (16-17 OVC)
  • Marshall (16-15 CUSA)
  • Tennessee State (18-15 OVC)
  • South Alabama (20-11 Sun Belt)
  • Abilene Christian (20-11 Southland)
  • Mercer (17-15 SoCon)
  • Western Carolina (19-12 SoCon)
  • Nichols State (21-10 Southland)
  • Bethune Cookman (16-14 MEAC)
  • App State (18-15 Sun Belt)
  • North Florida (21-12 ASUN)
  • California Baptist (21-10 WAC)
  • Montana State (16-15 Big Sky)
  • Southern Utah (16-15 Big Sky)
  • UC Riverside (17-15 Big West)
  • Sacramento State (16-14 Big Sky)
  • Hawaii (17-13 Big West)

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