Saint Louis Rolls Past La Salle in Atlantic Ten Second Round

By: Ethan Hennessy

Washington D.C.

#5 Saint Louis and #12 La Salle facing off in the Atlantic Ten Tournament Second Round in Washington DC

Five seed Saint Louis and twelve seed La Salle played in the second game of the A10 second round on Thursday afternoon. Both teams got off to a slow start scoring-wise, but SLU was able to find their rhythm before La Salle as they went on a 10-0 run that coincided with La Salle being held scoreless for six minutes until they were finally able to get points from the free-throw line at the 5:21 mark.

Yuri Collins the nation’s leader in assists (241) and assists per game (8.0) scores a layup against La Salle.

At halftime Saint Louis limmited La Salle to only 16 points and only four explorers had scored. The second half was not competitive as it took 3/4th of the game for La Salle to get a fifth player in the scoring column. Saint Louis dominated the points in the pain battle finishing with 42 to La Salle’s 22. Saint Louis coach Travis Ford said “Francis and Martin did a heck of a job inside”.

Saint Louis brought their starters back in with four minutes and change left after the explorers has cut the lead to under 20. They had been subbed out since the 10 minute markhad with the game comfortably in hand. Saint Louis coach Travis Ford said after the game “We just needed to steady the ship a little bit”. Ashley Howard spoke highly of how his team closed out the season saying “We won four out of our last five games. I’m proud of that.”

With the win Saint Louis will play the four seed Saint Bonaventure tomorrow in the quarterfinals.

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