2022-23 CBI Bracketology #7 3-2-23

By: Ethan Hennessy

Conference tournaments season is upon us. Buckle up because we are entering the home stretch. Here is how I see the CBI bracket looking late at night on March 2nd.

College Basketball Invitational (16 Teams Daytona Beach Florida)

  • American (17-14 Patriot)
  • Ball State (20-10 MAC)
  • Bryant (17-12 America East)
  • BYU (17-14 WCC)
  • Fordham (23-7 A-10)
  • Fort Wayne (17-15 Horizon)
  • Indiana State (21-11 MVC)
  • Longwood (20-11 Big South)
  • Norfolk State (20-10 MEAC)
  • Sam Houston State (23-6 WAC)
  • Samford (21-10 SoCon)
  • San Jose State (18-12 Mountain West)
  • South Dakota State (18-12 Summit)
  • Southern Indiana (16-16 OVC)
  • Stetson (17-13 ASUN)
  • Troy (20-12 Sun Belt)
  • UMass Lowell (24-7 America East)

Yearly Breakdown

2022: 97% (36/37) Perfect CBI

2021: 100% (8/8) Perfect CBI

*2020: 88% minimum *It was later determined three days from Selection Sunday (at the time of the cancelations) I had already correctly predicted 37 of the would-be 42 teams confirmed in the fields.

2019: 93% (39/42)

2018: 75% (27/36)

If you have any information regarding a team and the CBI you can email me anonymously at happeninghoops@gmail.com or direct message me on twitter @HappeningHoops


  1. Peter H says:

    What are your thoughts about Detroit Mercy getting invited, given all the attention they would attract?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good question! At first I thought it wasn’t happening because with no Basketball Classic this year the CBI has their pick of any teams that don’t make the NIT thus presumably making the field of 16 teams quite strong. I expected at least half to be 20 win teams and Detroit is 14-19. However, the more I thought about it. The CBI would certainly get more attention on their event, and more eyeballs/ticket sales means more revenue which at the end of the day is the main reason why tournaments like the CBI exist. That being said if the CBI admits Detroit there is no hiding, the reason why they would be in the field would be obvious. I think some people would love it so that they could see Davis break the record and some people would hate it feeling Detroit isn’t deserving and they are tarnishing the scoring record. Detroit and coach Davis have already said they would accept a bid, and pay the entrance fee. My honest opinion right now on the morning of March 4th is that its probably a 60% chance Detroit goes to the CBI.


  2. Theobets2 says:

    Great to see UMass Lowell (Go River Hawks!). They have had a great season. In the 9 seasons that they have been in D1, they had never finished above .500! Outside shot at NCAAs (they split with Vermont this season), probably not NIT. Any scenario they fall out of CBI?

    They also took out the flagship UMass team. Maybe that’s a great article – in state mid majors that are better than the flagship! Great job on the site and CBI predictions!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Last time I talked with UMass Lowell the last weekend of February they said they weren’t sure if they were considering the CBI. I plan on following back up if/once they are eliminated from the Tournament. Unfortunately I don’t think they would get the NIT coming from the America East.


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