CBI Bracketology #10 3-10-23

By: Ethan Hennessy

Two days before Selection Sunday here is how the CBI field is looking.

College Basketball Invitational (16 Teams Daytona Beach Florida)

  • Duquesne (20-12 A-10)
  • Charlotte (18-14 CUSA)
  • Cleveland State (21-13 Horizon)
  • Eastern Kentucky (20-13 ASUN)
  • Indiana State (22-12 MVC)
  • Marshall (24-8 Sun Belt)
  • Middle Tennessee State (19-14 CUSA)
  • Milwaukee (21-11 Horizon)
  • North Alabama (18-14 ASUN)
  • Radford (19-14 Big South)
  • Rice (18-15 CUSA)
  • San Francisco (20-14 WCC)
  • Southern Indiana (16-16 OVC)
  • Stetson (17-13 ASUN)
  • Weber State (18-15 Big Sky)
  • Western Carolina (18-15 SoCon)

Yearly Breakdown

2022: 97% (36/37) Perfect CBI

2021: 100% (8/8) Perfect CBI

*2020: 88% minimum *It was later determined three days from Selection Sunday (at the time of the cancelations) I had already correctly predicted 37 of the would-be 42 teams confirmed in the fields.

2019: 93% (39/42)

2018: 75% (27/36)

If you have any information regarding a team and the CBI you can email me anonymously at happeninghoops@gmail.com or direct message me on twitter @HappeningHoops


  1. Theobets2 says:

    Would love to hear a bit of commentary behind each selection and how the CBI goes about selecting. I assume they have a big wish list and start calling? I can’t imagine them saying, if we can get Southern Indiana and 3 teams from the ASUN, that will be great (no offense to those fans!). Is it a large master list and they just go down to the next one if the previous is not available? Would just like to understand, who are they happy with and who are they just filling spots with? Thanks!


    • Alex says:

      USI had it in the contract for the Gotham Classic (where they played 3 road games vs Notre Dame, St Bonaventure, and Bowling Green) that if they finished the season at .500 or better, they’d receive a CBI invite.


  2. Gary Jason Good says:

    Would it be possible to see a list of teams that decline invitations? Not sure if it is possible for that to be known.
    I am noticing that there is not a single MAC school listed in the projection. The MAC usually has a team in this event. Still hoping for an Akron invite and acceptance but I don’t know who makes that decision.

    Also, do you feel the CBI should be a multiple game guarantee tournament with 3rd, 5th, 7th place games, etc…? Seems to me if all the teams and fanbases are there anyway and had to prepare to be there for the four game run, then why not? I feel it would definitely cut down on the number of declined invitations.

    The other thing I would like to see from the CBI is some kind of a scheduling provision. I know back in the old ESPN Bracketbusters the paired teams had to play at the opposite venue in a future season. I feel like the CBI could set up some sort of future scheduling contract between participating schools and wouldn’t even have to be teams that play each other in the tournament but two teams that were there. Just my thoughts of things a 16 team one venue event could do to be more attractive.


  3. Alden says:

    Any chance for UNCW?


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